5 Snack Hacks For Your School Aged Child

With such busy lives, ensuring your school-aged child has all the nutrients they need for an active body and active mind is not always easy. Here are five simple snack hacks to help them achieve their daily nutrient needs:

  1. Give your child a great start to the day with porridge oats or other wholegrain cereals. Mix in fresh fruit and delicious Fernleaf CalciYum yoghurt for a little sweetness.
  2. Prepare a healthy lunchbox to make sure they get their fill of nutrition in school. Add some bite-size fruit and vegetables such as sliced apples, berries and cucumber sticks, and a serve of Fernleaf milk to boost their intake of key nutrients.
  3. Make healthy eating fun! Get your kids involved in cutting sandwiches, fruits and vegetables into fun shapes. Not only will your child get to enjoy a healthy snack, this activity will let them explore their creative nature.
  4. Make a healthy smoothie with a combination of yummy Fernleaf milk or CalciYum yoghurt, a ripe banana, some berries and oats. Use different types of fruit for variety.
  5. What child doesn’t love ice cream? Here’s a simple way to make your own healthy version: cut ripe bananas into pieces and freeze them. Thaw them after for 5 mins before putting them in the food processor. Add some milk to soften the ice cream while it’s churning and you’re done! Delicious and healthy.