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Trusted Goodness™

We believe quality comes from the source. That’s why all of our products are made from 100% milk from New Zealand* - one of the best dairy farming country in the world enrich with lush green pastures, fresh air and clear water untouched by pollution.
*Made from New Zealand milk powder

Quality milk from grass-fed cows

Our cows graze outdoors on fresh grass, which helps them produce high-quality milk rich in calcium and many other important nutrients, like protein and vitamins A and B.

Natural goodness

We make sure our cows get the best care we can give. Our farming families provide them what they need to produce milk naturally.

Dairy expert since 1893

Our dedicated farmers take pride in their work and ensure the highest quality at every stage of milk production – from clean water and high-quality grass, all the way to the products you bring home.

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